I'm glad to hear you're keeping a scintilla of hope - is that more or less than a teaspoon? And I agree that people are waking up--Resolution 3 passed, meaning that open primaries and ranked choice voting goes on to the second approval it needs. I, too, think about old Hindenburg a lot. Did you ever read William Shirer's Berlin Diary? Apparently, he revised it considerably before releasing it, but it still provides a you-are-there sense of Europe on the brink of World War II. France, too, was recycling leaders from a previous generation in a desperate attempt to hold off the chaos. It's entirely possible that someone without strong connections to either party could yank us at least partway out of this mess in the coming decade. Not in 2024, though! That's going to be another dank slog, for sure.

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Surprise! Biden says there's not enough votes to support an effort to codify Roe v Wade into law:


Also, Biden keeps losing court cases related to student loan debt relief. Shocking!

So, no effort to codify and no relief for student debt. You know he really wants to make this happen -- cross my heart, hope to die -- but he can't quite manage it. Sigh. Blame the voters for not voting enough for Democrats and blame the Republicans and the courts for ruling against debt relief.

But don't blame Joe -- he's trying! Ha Ha Ha.

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Which party is on the side of Aurora, a woman working two part-time jobs cleaning motel rooms while also cleaning houses on the side for affluent clients? She has no health care (can't afford it, and it doesn't come with her part-time jobs) and she makes barely $30K a year despite working 70+ hours a week while trying to raise two kids.

Which party is fighting for higher pay for her? Which is fighting for single-payer health care for her that's truly affordable? Child-care benefits? Anything at all? Which is truly on her side?

Neither party, of course, because Aurora to them doesn't exist. She doesn't count. She doesn't matter. And that's one big reason why this country is fucked.

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Nov 13, 2022·edited Nov 13, 2022

Freudian slip of the century or simple projection?


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'Scott Ritter: America’s Hubris is Stunning and a Threat to World Peace'

The Ukraine war is just one symptom of a bigger disease. The war in Ukraine began with the 2014 US-backed coup d’état in Kiev and the weaponizing by the United States and NATO of an anti-Russian regime over eight years.

“Absurd disconnect” in US foreign policy, “extraordinary provocations” toward Russia, the “scam” of nuclear weapons and US military defense doctrine, and the “stunning hubris” of American national myth-making propaganda invoking a “God-given right to control the world”. This is the scope of US problems that threaten world peace...............................................................................


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Time to Act

By Ray McGovern

Time's Up! We have to act to stop the politicians from provoking war with Russia and China. This is not a drill. We must bring them to their senses before it is too late. Dr. King was right:

There is such a thing as being TOO LATE. Over the bleached bones and jumbled residue of numerous civilizations are written the pathetic words: 'Too late.' We must move past indecision to action.

Cesar Chavez recalled that when he planned a direct action, he often heard, "But there are not enough of us." "Wrong," he would say: "There ARE enough of us, but nothing is going to happen without action!" Poet Annie Dillard put it this way: "There is only us; there never has been any other."......................


Like I said to the Pope in the November 2 email, "All these 37 years later, the US-Russian Military-Industrial Complex is holding our current World "hostage" like never before and escalating. THE DAY AFTER will be TOO LATE!"

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Nov 15, 2022·edited Nov 15, 2022

Bill, this is my simple observation. Without you posting a new article, there was much more interaction on WordPress as evidenced by the last comment by a visitor jg 17 hours ago on this substack.

The comments and interactions stacked higher and faster there than on sub here. Even with the edit function, I prefer your WordPress site for the total appearance.

Like most of the others here, I admire Scott Ritter and Col. Macgregor and consider their tactical and strategic analysis of the War realistic and credible.

Thanks to Global Research I just discovered Brian this am. In the Fog of War he brings clarity in Inventory and Control vs the Propaganda War.

In his graphic descriptions, listening he confirmed my assessment the Ukrainians are only the Sacrificial Lambs in this US WAR with Russia, offered up on the US Altar to the gods of WAR.

The US has the recent experience from their WAR in Iraq VIOLATING the very SAME INTERNATIONAL LAW Russia is DEMONIZED for violating.

The US should have learned from their humiliating defeat in Afghanistan, the equipment they are now supplying Ukraine was not good enough for the safety of American Soldiers in those US WARS so how can it be good for Ukrainians except to use them as fodder in a WAR they can't win, but refuse to negotiate unless Russia accepts their unacceptable demands before talking?

'Russia's De-militarization of Ukraine Continues - US Sending Decades-Old Arms to Kiev'


Now for something completely different. I just received an email this morning from a US Senator using a normal email, sparing me from having to go through their embedded email system in their Official Office Website.

This Senator was not on the list with the 13 other Senators who replied to my October Message sent all 100 US Senators last year, and the April Message sent to all 100 before this WAR started, and using a normal email in their Offices.

No one has replied so far, forwarding to them on November 8, the ALL SOULS DAY-VETERANS DAY Message to the Pope November 2.

So much remains to be seen!

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Whatever happens re Congress, Trump, etc... :


*** “If anyone from the outside interferes in Ukraine, they should know this: If they create threats for us… we will retaliate immediately. We have all the tools we need to respond, and all the decisions on this (matter), have already been made.”

~ Russian President Vladimir Putin ***

November 13, 2022: Information Clearing House -- -- "Unz Review " - There’s no doubt that the retreat from Kherson was a black-eye for the Russian Army. There’s also no doubt that the general who ordered the evacuation made the right decision. True, the optics are terrible, but optics don’t win wars. Strategy, valor and firepower wins wars. Russian General Sergey Surovikin appears to grasp that fact which is why he made the unpopular decision to retreat.

Continued at http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/57336.htm

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Krystal Ball, one of the most insightful commenters on politics around, wrote a good essay on the election results. While not claiming Biden is another FDR, she does give his administration credit for accomplishing more than Obama or Trump. Key to her view is this, writing of the success of the Dems...

"Some of their success is no doubt attributable to backlash against the GOP for overturning Roe v. Wade and the slate of election-denying wackos Republicans put up across the country. But no theory of the midterms can really hold up without accounting for why Dems were so unusually strong in the Midwests — in states with large blue-collar populations that seemed at risk of drifting away in the Trump era.

The answer to this puzzle actually seems kind of obvious: After decades of corporatists in both major parties kicking these voters in the face, the Biden administration actually did a few decent things for the region. And it turns out, when you do decent things for people, they tend to vote for you."

The full essay is at https://www.levernews.com/the-real-reason-for-dems-rust-belt-revival/?ref=Lever+Daily-newsletter

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U.S. Government Quietly Declassifies Post-9/11 Interview With Bush and Cheney

In a newly declassified interview conducted in 2004, Bush shows not a glimmer of awareness of the destruction and carnage he had unleashed on the world..................................................


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Thank You for another candidate for inclusion in "The Best of BV," Bill.

But Election2024 is a long way away.

America is going to have to make it thru the next two years first; starting with this Winter.

With hyper-inflation kicking in along with the looming “Tridemic,” and the Pentagon’s plans for Cold War II’s multi-theatre Hot Wars, i recommend that we see first how America does between now and next Spring before spending too much time pondering an election tentatively scheduled for November 2024.

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