To be clear, this is an "imaginary" speech. I am not one of the 27 scheduled speakers.

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In the interest of Peace-- yes we must fight for it. We must be brave. As a Saganist we must also see the new Human future & potential for our species. Mutual cooperation not deception as is now the case. This beautiful pale blue dot that I hope will not be obliterated by our stupidity. For we only have this Dot and our hopes for a better way...We can't roll with this competition all over again like last time only missing a total Nuclear War by a hair, and you must be insane not to do something, anything to reduce the threat. In many ways I know military spending is good for the economy, but you can't tell me we can't progress to a better way if we're only watchful of our more destructive ways and curb them once and for all time...!

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Good column. Hope the rally goes well. I'm sure the coverage of it in the MSM will be cursory at best. Misleadingly dismissive at worst. Memory holing I believe is the term.

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from '72 to '82 couple of years on a sage radar site, then a few in sac.....

the past year; insane tilting with a nuclear power shocking!

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I wish they could make room for your speech

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I am crying, Bill. Thank you for this speech. I hope everyone on the planet reads it.

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Very Inspirational thank you! Stop the madness, we have no other choice!

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Good article, sir, It's a shame this rally has had virtually nil coverage from the MSM. Will be linking this tomorrow @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/

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SEYMOUR HERSH'S TRINITY OF TRUTH: Hersh's Nord Stream article "his most important work ever" by Scott Ritter 021723 https://www.scottritterextra.com/p/seymour-hershs-trinity-of-truth [EMPHASES added.]

In the Christian faith, God comes in the form of three persons: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Together, these three beings form the Trinity.

In a recent interview with the German writer Fabian Scheidler, Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersh discussed his bombshell article that appeared in his inaugural posting on Substack, “How America Took Out the Nord Stream Pipeline”.

[ https://seymourhersh.substack.com/p/how-america-took-out-the-nord-stream ]

When Scheidler thanked Hersh for his courageous reporting, the veteran reporter shot back, “WHAT’S SO COURAGEOUS ABOUT TELLING THE TRUTH? WE’RE SUPPOSED TO TELL THE TRUTH!”

I’ve known Sy Hersh for coming on a quarter century. While I was too young to experience first-hand the impact of his reporting on the MY LAI MASSACRE IN VIETNAM, I had a front row seat to the masterful job he did in bringing to light the horrible facts about WHAT THE UNITED STATES WAS DOING IN THE ABU GHRAIB PRISON, IN IRAQ.

Legendary status isn’t given—it is earned. And Sy Hersh has earned the absolute right to be called the GOAT when it comes to investigative journalism. He is, simply put, the best.

I’ve read nearly everything Sy Hersh has written, and am able to put his considerable journalistic output in its proper historical perspective. It is therefore that I feel very comfortable in concluding that, IN TERMS OF ITS POTENTIAL FOR BRINGING ABOUT TECTONIC GEOPOLITICAL CHANGE, SY’S NORD STREAM REPORTING IS HIS MOST IMPORTANT WORK EVER.

The GOAT has produced what I call the TRINITY OF TRUTH.

TRUTH ONE: The President of the United States, Joe Biden, by conspiring with members of his national security team to deliberately bypass constitutionally-mandated reporting requirements to Congress regarding acts of war undertaken by the United States, has committed an impeachable offense unmatched by any other president in the history of the United States.

TRUTH TWO: The blow-back that will occur inside Germany to the revelations put forward by Seymour Hersh that the United States carried out an economic Pearl Harbor by destroying energy infrastructure critical to the well-being of the German nation has the potential of breaking up the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the European Union (EU), upending more than eighty years of post-war European security and stability, and resulting in the diminishment of the United States on the world stage as it becomes isolated from long-time European allies that served as the foundation of the global acceptance of the so-called “rules based international order” that has served as the means by which the United States exerted global hegemony.

TRUTH THREE: The decision to attack the Nord Stream pipeline puts a lie to the US contention that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was an unprovoked act of aggression, instead underscoring the harsh truth that the United States had a strategic plan which hinged on provoking a conflict with Russia in Ukraine to provide the geopolitical cover for ending Europe’s reliance upon cheap Russian natural gas by demonstrating that every time Russia sought a negotiated end to the crisis, whether before the invasion through implementation of the Minsk Accords, or after in the Istanbul round of talks scheduled for April 1, the United States sabotaged the effort, keeping the conflict alive long enough to implement its major objective—the destruction of Nord Stream.


Name one other piece of journalism in the past half-century that packs such a punch.

You can’t.

Sy Hersh is a national—no, an international—treasure, something this Trinity of Truth underscores.

Be sure to treat him as such.

<<< Scott Ritter will discuss this article and answer audience questions on Episode 46 of Ask the Inspector. https://www.scottritterextra.com/p/ask-the-inspector >>>

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I was originally scheduled to speak at the Rage Against the War Machine rally on February 19, 2023, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, in Washington, DC.

The Libertarian Party, one of the organizers of the event (the other being the People's Party), determined that I did not pass their litmus test of qualities they required for speakers at the rally, and threatened to block the rally if I were to speak. I withdrew in the interest of allowing the other voices scheduled to speak at the rally the opportunity to be heard.

I had prepared an address to deliver at the rally. I have taken the liberty to record it so that it could be heard by all interested persons.

The livestream premiere is Sunday, February 19 at 12:00 noon on:

YouTube [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_dMAQ2viCg ] ,

Facebook [ https://www.facebook.com/events/2345054345672533 ],

Twitter, Rumble and Twitch, just prior to the scheduled start (12:30) of the rally.

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Thank you Bill!

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Feb 16, 2023·edited Feb 16, 2023

The financial side of our war in Ukraine. J.P.Morgan and Black Rock will invest tens of billions of private capital to reconstruct Ukraine. Ukraine won't be able to afford this debt, which instead will be paid by the U.S. taxpayer via Ukraine aid.


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Noted UFOologist Dr Steven Greer offers a very clear, concise, cogent, and comprehensive hypothesis as to the nature and source of the three Unidentified Anomalous ~ or Aerial, depending on the source ~ Phenomena shot down last week over North America on the Kim Iverson Show at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qj-H3tngBd0 .

He sums up his main point completely beginning at 16:44 when he states that “when people speak of government, there are really two governments…”:

1. The one we learn about in civics class, watch on the news, and vote for; and,

2. Quoting an excerpt from the late Senator Daniel Inouye in his Chairman’s Closing Statement at the 1987 Iran-Contra Hearings, there is “a secret government, directed principally by NSC staffers, accountable to not a single elected official, including apparently the President himself—a shadowy government with its own air force, its own navy, its own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of the national interest, free from all checks and balances and free from the law itself.

“It is an elitist vision of government that trusts no one, not the people, not the Congress, and not the Cabinet. It is a vision of a government operated by persons convinced they have a monopoly on truth… .”

… “I believe these hearings will be remembered longest not for the facts they elicited, but for the extraordinary and extraordinarily frightening views of government they exposed.” [ Excerpt video at https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4910144/user-clip-secret-shadowy-government ; full transcript and video of Inouye’s complete Statement at https://www.brown.edu/Research/Understanding_the_Iran_Contra_Affair/v-cs4.php . ]

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RAGE AGAINST ANYTHING BUT THE WAR MACHINE? by Keith Preston / Attack The System 020923

The anti-RATWM discussion about 44 min into this video [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtJ6JfVSZAc&t=2s ] illustrates why there is no effective resistance in the US. The attitude of many “libertarians” and “leftists” has been pathetic. Apparently, they care more about being do-gooders than opposing WW3.

First, Scott Ritter. Yes, he is a convicted SO. So what? He’s not auditioning for the priesthood or school teacher. Maybe he’s done a few carjackings along the way, too. The rally has nothing to do with SO issues or Scott’s personal history.

Second, some of the speakers are pro-Russia. Yeah? What of it? Plenty of the most effective anti-Vietnam War activists were pro-RNV and pro-NLF. Some were open Stalinists or Maoists. That’s how effective political coalitions are done. Get over it.

Third, not all of the speakers are fully antiwar. Again, so what? This is a rally against US imperialism generally and US escalation of the Ukraine war specifically, not a rally against ALL BAD THINGS.

Fourth, some of the other speakers have shady things in their personal histories. Again, so what? RATWM is not about hiring babysitters. It’s about building an alliance against the US imperialist war machine.

Fifth, many critics seem to want to bring their various forms of personal drama/trauma stories into the mix. Listen carefully: IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU. It is about the wider struggle against US imperialism and preventing WW3.

To the critics, I say if being a moralistic do-gooder or expressing personal piety is all you care about, then go to your preferred place of worship. If dealing with personal issues is what motivates you, then go to a support group or a therapist.

What the hell is wrong with these people? Do they really think moral purity and personal drama or more important than preventing WW3 between nuclear-armed powers? Apparently, they do. And I regrettably can’t say I am surprised.

Seriously, folks. Read your fucking Machiavelli and Sun Tzu. Though maybe that’s too triggering.



https://attackthesystem.com/2023/02/09/rage-against-anything-but-the-war-machine/ [EMPHASIS added.]

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Thank You, Lieutenant Colonel Astore, and Thank You, Bill.

i hope that Tom Dispatch, Scheerpost, Consortium News, and everybody else who regularly posts Your work does their job in disseminating it. And perhaps You could deliver it over somebody’s podcast.

i also hope that it inspires Colonel Bacevich and Major Sjursen and any other Veteran who has a presence online to follow in Your and Scott Ritter’s footsteps and write and release their own statements in support of the RAGE AGAINST THE WAR MACHINE ANTI-WAR Rally.

The most significant fact about the February 19 gathering at the Lincoln Memorial is that it is being put together and happening NOT by just a bunch of left-wing socialist/communist/progressive/woke peaceniks left over from the 60s and 70s. Rather, it is also being done by folks from on the Very OTHER side of the political track, and from other places and perspectives, as well. And it is the first time in the history of American anti-war action that an attempt has been made to do that.

It's a shame Veterans For Peace and CODE PINK don't have the brains to see the significance of that, or the balls to be part of it.

And my guess is that the Media will completely ignore it, and pretend it never happened.

What i'm really looking forward to are the Counter-Protesters waving their American Flags and Yellow [or Yellow and Blue] Ribbons.

Anyway, Thank You again for writing and posting that, Colonel Bill.

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