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Good observation.

History, not the factual kind but that filtered through emotion provides us with "we won the West", "we won WW2", "we built the Panama Canal after the French failed" and my favorite from my childhood when last it could be said with a straight face: "We never lost a war" and don't forget "tell it to the Marines." Old Glory releases this kind of thinking in a flood.

Pragmatism - we make up our minds and do it where others have floundered. No pussyfooting for America, we get the job done, just as we put a man on the moon and had the Manhattan Project. This is in contrast to the usual turmoil of a democracy, well known in Europe, but only in recent decades coming to be the case here with the breakup of the white Anglo-Saxon male consensus.

In fact, Hitler, who openly despised democracy as a group of people leading who had no idea what they were doing, the ignorant and the incompetent, was admired at first for his can-do, ignore the opposition successes in Germany.

January 6th was a statement: let's stop screwing around and do things right (literally). No less a humanitarian than John Dewey was very impressed by the command economy of WW1 America, though he came to realize his error in believing that wartime efficiency could produce peacetime results.

All this reflects an underlying pride that is very resistant to reality and tends to keep coming back even after a disaster like Vietnam or Iraq. Recall how the 1991 slaughter of the Iraq army brought back an American military standing tall and Reagan's "morning in America" as the shift of wealth to the top got underway.

Far from the pragmatism the country once exemplified, dreamland has taken over. Pragmatists would be on the case of global warming, but we continue to shop til we drop. It's hard to take America seriously but one must with all the lethality we so readily use.

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Never come between a man and his paycheck. And we have a lot of powerful people in government whose paychecks depend on us making war on our enemies, real or not.

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Hubris. My word for it is Amerogance.

You've described it perfectly, Bill.

Keep it up until Nemesis catches up.

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Great article. and with permission I could say from the military, to race, to women, to LGBT, to indigenous, to Christianity History is so Un-American.

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Oh; and in case You were wondering. According to the 04jan23 “The D Brief”:


That's according to the latest annual survey of worldwide threats published each January by the Council on Foreign Relations. More than 500 U.S. government officials, foreign policy experts, and academics contributed to the results, which focused on "30 contingencies deemed both plausible in 2023 and potentially harmful to U.S. interests," according to CFR's Paul Stares.

New this year: "A cross strait crisis around Taiwan, escalation of the war in Ukraine, and instability in Russia."

Not new, but still on the list this year: "Nuclear weapons development by Iran and North Korea."

Also in the "top-tier risks" category:

"A highly disruptive cyberattack targeting U.S. critical infrastructure by a state or nonstate entity";

"An acute security crisis in Northeast Asia triggered by North Korea's development and testing of nuclear weapons and long-range ballistic missiles";

And "Increased violence, political unrest, and worsening economic conditions in Central America and Mexico, aggravated by acute weather events, fuel a surge in migration to the United States."

About that terrorism note: For the first time in the survey's 15-year history, "the possibility of a foreign terrorist organization inflicting a mass casualty attack on the United States or a treaty ally was not proposed as a plausible contingency for the coming year," Stares writes. THAT WOULD SEEM TO REFLECT A WIDER SHIFT TOWARD "GREAT POWER RIVALRIES," INCLUDING THE CHALLENGES POSED BY CHINA AND RUSSIA. Read the full report at https://www.cfr.org/report/conflicts-watch-2023 .

More of a comment than a question: The official last day of the U.S. military's global war on terrorism seems to have passed without much fanfare. That's according to a veteran who used Twitter to flag the formal dates for the Defense Department's National Defense Service Medal, which untold thousands of American troops received automatically upon signing up after 9/11. THE LAST DAY FOR THAT CONFLICT IS LISTED AS DECEMBER 30, 2022.

Source: https://link.govexec.com/view/632cde87e62c2e12f402d9cahy3zo.ym8/e7673c31 [EMPHASES added.]

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And Karl Rove spoke with absolute confidence back then because ~ back then in 2004 ~ America WAS an Empire: the global, unipolar hegemon “acting again” [and again] and creating all those “new realities.”

And now it is a flailing and failing Empire In decline, at best.

I wonder, Bill: How would a group of Historians get together and write “The Rise, Reign, Decline, and Fall of the American Empire”? And which current Historians would be good to include on that Team? Any thoughts?

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It will be interesting to see how History judges this. And those who haven’t been following this need to while the opportunity still presents itself…:


For those who haven't been following, a compilation of one-paragraph summaries of all the Twitter Files threads by every reporter. With links and notes on key revelations by Matt Taibbi

It’s January 4th, 2023, which means Twitter Files stories have been coming out for over a month. Because these are weedsy tales, and may be hard to follow if you haven’t from the beginning, I’ve written up capsule summaries of each of the threads by all of the Twitter Files reporters, and added links to the threads and accounts of each. At the end, in response to some readers (especially foreign ones) who’ve found some of the alphabet-soup government agency names confusing, I’ve included a brief glossary of terms to help as well.

In order, the Twitter Files threads:

Twitter Files Part 1: December 2, 2022, by @mtaibbi


Continued at https://taibbi.substack.com/p/capsule-summaries-of-all-twitter

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My comment on this report, 'The Everything Bubble Has Burst, The Great Crisis of Our Lifetimes Is Finally Here'

Most Everyone knows what's implied by the old adage, "The Writing's on the Wall."

Most everyone may not know it's an Old Testament record in the Book of Daniel 5.

Ancient Biblical BABYLON is the record of the 1st Nation in that part of the World some 2800 years ago, reaching Military-Economic Superpower Status.

The US being the latest, greatest of all the Nations in Human History reaching that Superpower Status able to set the Rules in the Rules Based Order the weaker, poorer Nations have to follow, but not the Superpower that sets them, being Exceptional.

Ancient Biblical BABYLON is now called IRAQ. The TAIL struck the HEAD in the 2003 US WAR in Violation of the same International Law Putin/Russia is demonized for.

As the story goes, the King of BABYLON hosted a State Dinner and invited 1000 of the Elite of the Kingdom.

They drank wine and praised the gods of gold, silver, brass, iron, wood and stone.

In other words, from then to now, in today's language, "It's the Economy, Stupid!" and the Elites are still the Elites.

More sources on the Left and on the Right, rich and poor, from ALL Nations are warning, The Writing's On the Wall!


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New Years Eve in the AI article, I left a link to Redacted News interviewing Whitney Webb, author of ‘One Nation Under Blackmail’ volumes 1 & 2.

She’s interviewed on Redacted News again Today with new discussions on Epstein, The Banks, Intelligence and government interactions at the 1 hour left point in the video. It’s a 33 minute interview, and I found it very interesting.


For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.

Luke 8

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