Think it's past TIME to admit this is OUR WAR to punish Russia; Ukrainians are merely PAWNS in our terrible and deadly game.

CNN: "However, as Ukraine pleads for more advanced weaponry and tanks, US and Western officials are urging Ukrainian officials to shift focus from that brutal fight and prioritize instead a potential offensive in the south, using a different style of fighting that takes advantage of the billions of dollars in new military hardware recently committed by Western allies. The US specifically wants Ukraine to focus on a style of mechanized maneuver warfare that uses rapid, unanticipated movements against Russia, sources familiar with their discussions said."

Lemee' see; Looks like we are pretty much running the show with our thinly disguised effort to EXPORT DEATH; which seems to be what our economy is based on.

Too bad that no U.S. politician wants to appear WEAK and support a negotiated solution.

I guess it's difficult to fight a WAR on TERROR when you are actually the TERRORIST

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Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Jimmy Carter's National Security Advisor from 1977 to 1981 -

"It cannot be stressed enough that without Ukraine, Russia ceases to be an empire, but with Ukraine suborned and then subordinated, Russia automatically becomes an empire."

The US WAR with Russia over Ukraine was already in the works when President Clinton ordered NATO to advance toward Russia after the Promise was given that would never happen..

Brzezinski was alive and well starting The ‎Trilateral Commission having the ear of President Clinton, convincing him what he said in the late 70s still applied in 1993-2001

TODAY we can see that long held US objective and plan being played out in Ukraine with horrific consequences for Ukrainians.

They are the pawns fighting that long planned US WAR with Russia in the larger US Vision and Goal of being the only unchallenged POWER on Earth, able to set the Rules in the Rules Based Order for the other Nations on Earth to follow, the US being the only Exceptional Nation except for Israel!

The rise of China started with the fall of Soviet Russia in 1991.

When NATO Today is following Zbigniew Brzezinski's objective to the letter, with the US and it's 30 NATO suborned European Nations making it 31 Nations against Russia, that's WWIII in the making.

We may pass the point of no return in this Year of The Lord 2023?

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Jan 24·edited Jan 24

Without indulging in predictions about who will win this awful war, I have to agree with what you quoted from Curtin:

. . . we are being subjected to a vast tapestry of lies told by the corporate media for their bosses, as the US continues its doomed efforts to control the world. It is not Russia that is desperate now, but propagandists such as the writers of this strident and stupid editorial [by the New York Times]. It is not the Russian people who need to wake up, as they claim, but the American people and those who still cling to the myth that The New York Times Corporation is an organ of truth. It is the Ministry of Truth with its newspeak, doublespeak, and its efforts to change the past.

If you ask: “Which is it? Is this a war that the U.S. and NATO must win, along with Ukraine, to stop an evil and expansionist dictator, or is this a war that the U.S. and NATO provoked, and surely will lose, given Russia’s military superiority empowered in part by the justice of its cause?“ you provide two false alternatives.

Putin is not “an evil and expansionist dictator” and so, if there were any reason for thinking that this is “a war that the U.S. and NATO must win” that could not be the reason why they “must win” it. And this IS this a war that the U.S. and NATO provoked; but they may not lose it, although perhaps they will arrange a nuclear conflagration so that everyone will lose everything.

People who talk like Simon Tisdall, Jens Stoltenberg, Boris Johnson, Lindsey Graham, Joe Biden, Ursula von der Leyen, and all that lot (they are, indeed, legion), are too stupid and too evil to live but all of their premises are false, and have been proven to be false. People are entitled to take sides on this awful war only if they speak out of something other than ignorance and mendacity. “What surrounds us . . . is a vast tapestry of lies, upon which we feed”, said Harold Pinter, in 2005. (Curtin didn’t invent that line.) https://www.nobelprize.org/prizes/literature/2005/pinter/lecture/ If you read Pinter’s speech, you’ll notice that nothing has really changed since 2005, except perhaps to get worse.

“It’s high time both sides said ‘no’ to killing, ‘no’ to yet more war.” The thing is, however, that there are more than just two sides. Zalensky (a token name for one gang of heinous villains) refuses to say ‘no’. The U.S. and NATO (more token labels, for several more gangs of heinous villains) refuse to say ‘no’. Putin (another token name, but not for a gang of heinous villains) has already said ‘no’. Almost all of the world beyond the Collective West has said ‘no’. But those who have said ‘no’ can have no effect. One side that is left out is the Ukrainian people (not the Ukra-Nazis)—the ones whose sons, husbands and fathers are doing all the dying. If they said “no”, the war would be over. But perhaps they are not allowed to say ‘no’. What a tragedy.

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My reading is that this war was close to being settled back in March via peace talks in Istanbul but Zelensky was told (probably by Boris Johnson with the blessing of Joe Biden) that the two administrations preferred to have Russia as an enemy. Shame on them. All that death and destruction could have been avoided. And now we get a continuing stream of lies to cover it all up. And the death and destruction go on. Shame on them. It ought to be a crime. Because it is a crime.

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The bottom-line, bullet-hits-the-bone fact of the matter, Bill, is that the objective of more weaponry for Ukraine is not even indecisive "victory," whatever that word means or has ever meant.

The objective is to prolong that war for as long as possible ~ death and destruction to the Land, Country, Nation, and People of Ukraine be damned ~ and to keep the cash flowing to the MICC.

And to give the American People something else to fear besides a resurgent Pandemic, inflation coupled with recession if not depression, food, fuel, and energy shortages, mass shootings, and default on the National Debt, among other things. To say nothing of "Domestic Terrorists," whatever that term means.

At least until China is ready to launch the Eastern Theatre hot war of Cold War II.

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"What good is a used-up world and how can it be worth having?"

Sting wrote that a long time ago, on his "The Soul Cages" album. As regards Ukraine, this is not a rhetorical question. I remember the visual evidence of the recapture and liberation of Mosul from a couple years ago, which reminded me of photos of Dresden from 1945: mounds of rubble as far as the eye could see. Victory and defeat look essentially the same these days. I would imagine they smell about the same, as well. The people of Ukraine are already on the losing end, no matter who ultimately claims victory. Mark Milley says Ukraine will win, but it will be another year, at least. How will anyone tell the difference?

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The latest Ukraine analysis with Col. Douglas Macgregor this afternoon


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Interesting article from Tyler Durden about George Soros, the new world order, NATO, the war against Russia, and using Eastern European soldiers as cannon fodder in NATO wars. https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/george-soros-urged-use-eastern-european-soldiers-reduce-risk-body-bags-nato-countries

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Good article on The American Conservative on turning Russia/Putin into the our latest bogeyman: https://www.theamericanconservative.com/creating-a-russian-bogeyman/

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A Time Of Unprecedented Danger: It Is 90 Seconds To Midnight.

This year, the Science and Security Board of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists moves the hands of the Doomsday Clock forward, largely (though not exclusively) because of the mounting dangers of the war in Ukraine. THE CLOCK NOW STANDS AT 90 SECONDS TO MIDNIGHT—THE CLOSEST TO GLOBAL CATASTROPHE IT HAS EVER BEEN.

Full Statement and video of announcement at https://thebulletin.org/doomsday-clock/ . [EMPHASIS added.]

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performance of m-1 tanks in Iraqi hands against isolated was uniformly poor.

performance of leopard tanks in Syria was similarly poor.

effecting the air land battle which m-1 is a very small part is beyond the Ukrainians, even as supported by awol us sof.

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After getting their Tanks, this is how they say “Thanks”… :


While Germany’s Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine will "improve the situation", what Kyiv really needs are fighter jets, Ukraine's former president told Euronews.

"The real game changer now is the jet fighter. We should immediately launch training programmes for Ukrainian pilots and prepare to deliver them to Ukraine," said Petro Poroshenko.

NATO countries have spent months debating whether to send modern battle tanks to Ukraine because of concerns it could be seen as an escalation by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz agreed to do so on Wednesday and invited other countries to send theirs too. The US also announced plans to send at least 30 M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine.

However, a missing element for offensive and defensive operations is still air power.

Ukraine has been asking the West to provide modern fighter jets to protect Ukrainian skies from Russia since the beginning of the war. However, so far, none have been delivered.

"We also need attack helicopters and long-range missiles to reach logistic bases and Russian commanding centres. We should receive these now before Russia attempts its great spring offensive," Poroshenko said.

"In the beginning, Western powers said they will help Ukraine 'survive'. Not anymore, now, we should win. But to achieve this, we need to strengthen Ukrainian armed forces," he added.

[And in case anybody had noticed, he concluded with] “Please don’t allow the corruption scandal to undermine trust between Ukraine and Europe," he added. [Obviously quite sure the scandal is not a problem here in America for its government and media, or its people

Ukraine is no stranger to corruption. In 2021, the country was ranked 122 out of 180 countries in Transparency International’s ranking of corrupt states.

Full article at https://www.euronews.com/my-europe/2023/01/25/ukraine-will-need-fighter-jets-after-tanks-former-president-says

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