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One of the best comments I've heard on DeSantis is that he really doesn't like the voters. It tends to come across in how, as you note, inauthentic he seems.

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Great observation about the Dead Zone vibe, Bill. I have to agree. And yeah, the guy IS just plain creepy. Like a Pod Person.

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I have to say, while I hold Trump with the same general regard you do, Bill, I, too, find him less detestable than DeSantis; though both are more than willing to continue throwing raw meat to their more extreme partisans. (Not to suggest that the other side of the duopoly isn't well practiced at feeding their partisans similarly ...just with different meat.)

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reversal on stopping us aggression in nato expansion is enough for me to not care for desantis,

he is too swamp friendly!

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From my vantage point, "inauthentic and dishonest" seems a rather accurate description of DeSantis. I'm not sure he will "play well" on the national stage. But then I've been wrong more than once, unfortunately.

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DeSantis is likely more dangerous than Trump, if only because he understands more about policy and the legislative process, and actually has a work ethic.

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Ex-President Trump who never started a war, and hinted that the US drop out of NATO, and claims he will end the disastrous foolish proxy war to depose Putin, and is against cutting social security and Medicare surely appeals to a vast swath of American voters across the political spectrum. Instead of a right-wing neo-con with a militarist background advocating for austerity.

Americans are sick and tired of the Democrats in DC stealing their taxes to give to a corrupt dictator in a war that cannot be won, and that has no effect on them in Orlando, Portland or New York except to bankrupt them. (I watched Samantha Power in a conference in DC yesterday proudly claiming that the US had given the Ukraine $15-billion, in cash(!), for teachers, et al, while Los Angeles teachers are on strike against their pathetic pay. Probably 30% of this unaccountable cash will be skimmed off by corrupt Ukrainians. Rubbing salt into the wounds of American Taxpayers.)

And except for RFK Jr, who the Democrats will never "allow" to be their candidate, no left-wing candidate, whoever that is, has come up with a foreign Policy platform, or domestic for that matter, matching Trumps - that promises to end these forever wars stealing the country blind, and attempts to restore the US economy.

From down here in the Antipodes it looks like it's Trump in 2024 in a landslide That is if, like fellow poster jg moebus says, the US makes it to the 2024 election.

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A further, and in many ways, even uglier and more ominously threatening indicator of how screwed up ~ and screwed again ~ this nation is besides Child Labor Lawlessness [see “New First” comment at https://bracingviews.substack.com/p/mobsters-of-the-mind/comments ], and the future it is blundering into, is available here…:


by Jessica Corbett / Common Dreams 052523

The U.S. Supreme Court's right-wing majority on Thursday severely curtailed protections for "waters of the United States."

The decision in SACKETT V. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY (EPA) is "unanimous in result but very split in reasoning," explained Slate's Mark Joseph Stern. "The upshot of Sackett is that, by a 5–4 vote, the Supreme Court dramatically narrows" which wetlands are covered by the Clean Water Act (CWA).

Earthjustice declared in response to the ruling that "this is a catastrophic loss for water protections across the country and a win for big polluters, putting our communities, public health, and local ecosystems in danger."

Manish Bapna, president and CEO of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), was similarly critical, saying that "the Supreme Court ripped the heart out of the law we depend on to protect American waters and wetlands."

"The majority chose to protect polluters at the expense of healthy wetlands and waterways. This decision will cause incalculable harm. Communities across the country will pay the price," Bapna warned.

Continued at https://www.commondreams.org/news/us-supreme-court-epa-water-protections

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That the two top runners for the GOP nomination in 2024 are Trump and DeSantis is a very, very good indication of just exactly how screwed up the Republican Party is. Just like the fact that Biden is the Democrats' designated option is undeniable evidence as to just exactly how screwed up the other half of America's Ruling Duopoly is. Which doesn't leave anybody too much actual, real choice in the matter about anything, does it?

And another very good way to realize just exactly how screwed up ~ and screwed ~ America is today is to ponder the fact that the leading candidates to become the next President of the United States are Biden and Trump.

If those two are the very best that this country can come up with to be its Supreme Leader, there may not even be an election on November 5, 2024; let alone an inauguration on January 20, 2025; let alone a still functioning system of government and governance when America observes its 250th birthday on July 4, 2026, a mere 1,136 days from today.

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Stephen King is brilliant. I don't know why these dangerous "Greg Stillson" like Candidates feel the need to embellish, or pad their Resumes. False Courage, and Stolen Honor have always been a problem for me to stomach. It always makes me laugh. The nation is boiling over now and we don't need this----! Nothing new though now I guess. I'm sure we'll get some new stiff in a suit soon enough. Just trying to make sense of the senseless. Finally just remembering the forgotten this Weekend, they paid the ultimate price. I'm sure they'd want us to live good for them...

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Feelings and impressions and hunches aside, voters in Florida seem to be satisfied with the job DeSantis is doing. As opposed to our own fearless (sic) leader.

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