Readers here know I supported the U.S. Senate campaign of Matthew Hoh, a USMC combat veteran and former State Department official who resigned in protest against the Obama Surge in Afghanistan in 2009.

He ran with the Green Party against war and the military-industrial complex and earned just over 29,000 votes in North Carolina. He was not a "spoiler." Even if the Democrat had won all these votes and the Libertarian votes as well, she still would have lost to the Republican.

Matt inspired at least 29,000 people; he certainly inspired me. We need more people like him to run or we'll be stuck with the usual suspects forever.

We crawl before we walk before we run. There's a long way to go until we can effect real change in America, but we'll never get there if we stay crawling on our bellies before the so-called elites.

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He got just under 1% of the vote.

To be a "spoiler," he would have needed 5x that number, roughly.

But people assume that everyone who voted Green would vote Democrat if the Green person disappeared. Not so. They might have stayed home. Or voted another party, even Republican.

More choices are needed. Better people too. Matt Hoh was refreshing; candidates like him are what we need going ahead.

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Yes, you are.

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“Bark, bark, bark, bark

Bark, bark, bark, bark

Until you can hear them all over the Park.

“And they

Bark, bark, bark, bark

Bark, bark, bark, bark

“Until you can hear them all over the Park.”

CATS THE MUSICAL “The Battle of the Pekes and the Pollicles, Part One” - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6uNkq4I3z0

CATS THE MUSICAL “The Battle of the Pekes and the Pollicles, Part Two” - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjAvlATcZJk

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Nov 10, 2022Liked by Bill Astore

The fact that candidates like Matthew Hoh get only a tiny percentage of the vote speaks to the power and effectiveness of official state propaganda and the dumbing down of American society in general. These marginal candidates will never be able to surmount this obstacle.

America is a truly unique totalitarian state. There is no need for gulags, concentration camps, and other such methods of punishment and forced persuasion. People are happy to obey and watch a corrupt, incompetent, and morally bankrupt ruling elite destroy the country.

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Nov 11, 2022Liked by Bill Astore

You're right. It's pretty much the same everywhere. But only America goes around the world bleating about being a righteous, indispensible nation spreading freedom and democracy, calling itself a role model and the greatest nation on earth. This nonsense feeds into the narrative that Americans believe and is unique to the US.

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Nov 10, 2022·edited Nov 10, 2022

The last time war was a big issue was in Nixon/McGovern in 1972. McGovern got clobbered. Politicians learned their lesson, which is enforced by an ever pro-war news media. As it is, except for the Bushes, wars tend to be started by Democrats and ended by Republicans. But even anti-war people still vote Democrat, considering that issues like minimum wage and health care are more important than issues like peace and war.

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Funny, my kids say i am long winded and give out excruciating long detailed speeches. They hated my help with homework because i go into in-depth detail. My Dad liked that trait and he knew before i did, that i would write a book someday. i wrote and published 5 so i think he would be smiling from ear to ear...

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... having-set-our-course... world-end-trifecta: fossil-fuels.. militarization.. inequality

... now-so-dominant, each locked-in-permanently, having-us facing a future, ominous-as-is-limited

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In the aftermath of the mid-term elections, the only good news is that we have essentially paused some elements of the Democrats' agenda of total destruction by taking control of the House. That's where the bad news kicks in, because what's coming next for America (under Democrat rule) is going to be a multi-year "Dark Winter" of economic collapse, food inflation, censorship, tyranny, global war and more rigged elections.

What the mid-term proved is that Democrats know they can cheat and rig any election at any time. From here forward, Democrats don't even have to pretend to cater to the interests of the people. They can simply dictate their demands, no matter how insane, and arrest anyone who refuses to comply. The "dark winter" has only just begun.

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If a "Dark Winter" is coming, you can be sure the blame will be bipartisan, or, if you prefer, the two business parties that are the Republicans and Democrats.

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"Take control of the country," eh? Interesting choice of words.

And i'm sure that Republicans have had absolutely Nothing to do with "the mess" that needs to be cleaned up.

Just think: If Trump had been re-elected, America might just be "Great Again" by now.

We were sure going in the right direction when POTUS Maxximmuss XLV was calling the shots, weren't we?

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No Dennis. this country is NOT going in the right direction under Biden. If You think that i think that, You obviously haven't read too many of my posts.

It is not going in the right direction under Biden any more than it was under Trump, or Obama, Cheney/Bush the Lesser, Clinton, Bush the Elder and Bozo, Carter, and so forth back to when it started going in this particular wrong direction at the end of World War II.

And it completed that particular turn when Cold War I ended and America was the global, unipolar hegemon.

And then 9/11 happened and the rest, as they say, is history.

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I served in the Army back in the Sixtys in Germany and I have first hand knowledge how stupid and incompetent it was then. I refuse to believe it has improved any.Now with increasing the efficiency and effect of Nukes the dangers are more inherent and obvious to anyone who cares about humanities survival.Somewhere,somehow one of the Nuclear countrys is going to use them and we are doomed. It is important to remember the only country to drop the bombs. With DeSantis,Trump or Cruz perhaps in power in 2024 I am very fearful of our nonexistant future.

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[2] The Great War as it was called, to make the world safe from, I mean safe for diluted democracy or more honestly for the plutocracy was simply another war for economic dominance between two conflicting sides. From this insidious war begot WW2, and then morphing into the cold war to vomit forthwith into our present ‘war’ of terror, using terrorism on those who dare not to succumb to our invasive hectoring, addiction, and ego. Always an enemy to fear, fight and conquer from the genocide and ethnic cleansing of 330+ Indian tribes to our present slaughter we are committing around the world which couldn’t be done without amoral troops and idiotic blind-support at home shopping at wal-mart, generally happily oblivious to the horror we commit.

I understand the concept (but personally disagree with) that nations or empires need to defend their borders as in our case, from the NSA, from the FBI invented and funded plants, retaliation from CIA terror attacks on allies, civilians, blow-back from drone terrorism inflicted on grandmothers, pregnant women, children medics, american citizens, or from southern neighbors coming back to their land that was stolen by us, and of course the most abused victim of all; the truth.

Yet our gallant and enthusiastic storm troopers are used for aggressive warfare all over the world and it is not just immoral it is illegal. The ‘war on terror’, ‘support the troops’, ‘navy, a force of good’, ‘God bless america’ and the other meaningless, silly slogans are designed to compel one and all to fall in line in quiet obedience and with goose-stepping compliance is the prodding for dumbed down sheelpe, not empathetic critical thinkers. Because we must support the troops, does this mean that we must support the policies that send our kids to kill and die in lands not our own, or what they do over there?

Thank you Marine General Butler who wrote the greatest essay concerning this in his: “War is a Racket.” Thank you conscientious objectors, since you have the courage and brains to be the real heroes of peace. Arguably attributed to Thomas Jefferson; “Dissent is the highest form of Patriotism.” For the veterans, by becoming unthinking assassinations, gangsters of capitalism, unethical war ho’s, hired guns, are not hired so much for your nation’s defense but for self-serving, greedy, oligarchic owners who possess stock in the ‘industrial-military-complex’.

So who should truly, sincerely thank the vets and the nation for this? Should the victim’s thank you? From the graves of over 1 million Iraqis should a great bellow of appreciation come forth with ghostly haunted cries and screams? From the orphanages and hospitals should the children and wounded write letters of thanks? Should the lame and disabled hobble or limp to the nearest us military base to grovel and kiss your combat boots? Should they pay for the bullets, missiles, depleted uranium shells, drones and bombs?

What of the Afghans, Yemenis, Pakistanis, Vietnamese, Laotians, Cambodians, and so many more? How many were slaughtered and for what? For a filthy polluted false flag, for a lie, for a filthy racket? No flag can ever fly higher than the pile of bones from its victims though it does try to and the red, white, and blue is really up there climbing past the stratosphere.

Where is the honor in dishonorable acts? Who are the real heroes? Heroes are those who save lives not those who take them. Heroes are those people who help people, who assist with a helping hand, a kind word, a teacher, a nurse, a humanitarian. Heroes do not pick up guns and kill at command for profit and gain over at their neighbor’s home giggling in glee. Support the troops? Is this an implication to ‘basically’; support the team? What if the ‘team’ is committing acts that are illegal and immoral violating virtually everything the team members were taught as children at home, at church and at school to honor as probity, as principles and civic values? And after we do our carnage, we then walk away without a backward glance, patting ourselves on the shoulders pretending our horrifying terrorism was a good deed. And you expect any civil human being with a conscience to honor this dishonor, to thank a vet? Are you that sociopathic?

If I can convince one kid not to join the military, then I have accomplished much. Thank a vet for becoming a gangsta’ of capitalism, a war ho, becoming antichristian by joining a force that has mutated into the greatest terrorist criminal organization the world has ever known, that is nefarious, so no, I will not give thanks for debauchery? Thank a vet for being a killing machine for the 1%? Thank a vet for being un-american by committing un-american acts? I’m not grateful, just a bit more honest and objective, far less nationalistic and a bit more empathetic to your victims. I simply prefer to follow the messages of the prince of peace who teaches one to love ones enemy and commands us not to kill, to put down the sword rather than to blindly, without conscience, follow the god of war like stupid lemmings to the butchery of others. Thank a vet? For making us all less free, less safe by killing human beings who are no threat to us, destroying buildings, towns, cities, ancient civilizations, while militarily occupying other lands? This noxious nationalistic addiction to manic militarism and phony paux patriotism is killing this society’s sullied soul. There’d be no war today-If mothers all would say: “I didn’t raise my boy to be a soldier.” Because you know our leaders would never fight. The rich profit and the poor die…That is nothing to be thankful about.. To become a solder is not just immoral, it is amoral because then your become a paid ho’ for war, absolved of accountability by agreeing to become unquestioning, obeying cannon fodder that will one day regret to the point of suicide.

“There’d be no war today-If mothers all would say: “I didn’t raise my boy to be a soldier.” Because you know our leaders would never fight. The rich profit and the poor die…That is nothing to be thankful about it is rather something to mourn, condemn, shun and then never do again… Thank a vet? No thanks.

Sincerely, peacefully, hopefully,

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Learn to pronounce



a verbal or written remark expressing an opinion or reaction.

"you asked for comments on the new proposals"

Where is it stated about length? You drone and whine about something you did not read because your intimated by length not content? How superficial and petty. if you dont want to read it, guess what, you dont have to. You can ignore it and go read something else. Even more, if you dont want to read it you have the choice not to read it. Unless you are forced to read, are you? Its not like your plate of supper with broccoli on it and your crying to your mom about having to eat it. This is slightly different, you have freedom of choice here kid, really. So why droll on with a negative rant as a troll? Reminiscing or is this some of flashback? Temper tantrum somewhere else and to grow the hell up.

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no prob.. its cool...

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Heh. And when did You become the BV Quality Control Monitor, Dennis?

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[1] So, it’s soon to be Armistice Day this 11-11-16. This is also called Remembrance Day, since it’s the day WWI ended with an armistice signed on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month 1918 and our forebears had the foresight to name it thusly so we do not forget and make the same mistake of world war again. This was called ‘The War to End All Wars’ because it was so horrific and spurious that a future war of this magnitude would seemingly be impossibly insane to contemplate or repeat. It was so repulsive and horrific that dozens of nations decided to outlaw war forever by signing an agreement to finally end the scourge of war. Endorsed in 1928 and still on the books, it’s called the Kellogg-Briand Pact which is still legally binding. It was signed into law by the US Senate by a vote of 85-1.

I presume since most of you support da troopers that you support the evil that they do? So you are by definition an accomplice in war crimes and crimes against humanity. Also by definition ‘Peace is the normal state of a nation’, ergo perpetual war is not only abnormal it is psychotic and actually used as faux state to keep us mooing and bleating along in harmony, goose-stepping down a tunnel that will be our end.

So much for the hope that war would be a thing of the past and that humanity learned its lesson for within the next generation we suffered a war far worse. It was then dissolved in 1954 when this noble aspiration became a americanized federal holiday to honor american vets. Now we have 23 holidays ‘honoring’ militarism. Do you folks see a pattern here? Why do you want to become Sparta or Germany circa 1938? Illegal exported aggressive violence is not a defense of das fatherland or der homeland. It is however the epitome of odium. This cycle is tightly wound and cutting off the blood flow to our hearts, minds and souls.

Off to terrorize by vicious onslaught societies all over the world is not defensive protection of american shores but simply a pretext to acquire by force, trade routes, contracts and acquisition of resources for corporate self-interests and domination. This is what the founding fathers warned us about and advised us not to do. James Madison: 1) "If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy."

2)"No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare.”

3)"Of all the enemies of public liberty, war is perhaps the most to be dreaded, because it comprises and develops the germ of every other."

This perpetual war we are in now is not a war, but we are at war with a tactic that we’ve been using for centuries and now we’re at war with ourselves, so to speak. We never rectify, but instead turn our backs, wash our hands and then do it again somewhere else for the same reasons with the same consequences expecting different results but never ever achieving them. Do know what that is called by Einstein?

This conflict really has no beginning, no ending, but with an open end that leads to the abyss. More $ is tossed into American militarism than the rest of the world does combined and this is ‘defense’? No this is for aggressive offense which was banned at Nuremburg but we seem to above the law, beyond any accountability or responsibility, or principle wherever we do it even when proven it was a crime. This is for profit, for this is simply a racket inflicted on us all for those who reap a whirl land that we can ill afford.

“Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.

This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, and the hopes of its children. The cost of one modern heavy bomber is this: a modern brick school in more than 30 cities. It is two electric power plants, each serving a town of 60,000 population. It is two fine, fully equipped hospitals. It is some fifty miles of concrete pavement. We pay for a single fighter with a half-million bushels of wheat. We pay for a single destroyer with new homes that could have housed more than 8,000 people. . . . This is not a way of life at all, in any true sense. Under the cloud of threatening war, it is humanity hanging from a cross of iron.” Dwight Eisenhower

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When Tyranny and Oppression come to this land in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy, it will be wrapped in the Flag and carrying a Bible.

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The media are lying to us, as evidenced by reality never matching with their stories.

The politicians are lying to us, as evidenced by their never delivering on their promises.

The capitalist class are lying to us, as evidenced by their getting richer while workers get poorer.



Mass media propaganda, internet censorship, Silicon Valley algorithm manipulation, government secrecy and the war on journalism are all anti-democratic in nature, because they restrict the information the citizenry are allowed to access to inform their vote. And none of those instruments of narrative control have any influence from, or accountability to, the rank-and-file public. This means that WHILE EVERYONE GETS A VOTE, HOW THOSE VOTES ARE APPLIED IS SUBJECTED TO AGGRESSIVE AND UBIQUITOUS MANIPULATION BY THE RULING CLASS.


Most of the propaganda people consume every day is not to manufacture consent for any one specific agenda, but TO MANUFACTURE CONSENT FOR THE OVERALL POLITICAL STATUS QUO WHICH KEEPS OUR WILDLY DYSFUNCTIONAL SYSTEMS IN PLACE. That's what maintains the false two-party puppet show. Without copious amounts of propaganda, it wouldn't be possible to keep two evenly divided political factions impotently playing tug-o-war and never ever actually changing anything. THE ENTIRE STATUS QUO IS BUILT UPON THE RULING CLASS'S ABILITY TO MANIPULATE MINDS AT MASS SCALE.


Our rulers are like a clever man who captured a baby giant and trained it not to notice how much bigger and stronger it is than him so it wouldn't squash him and escape.

We're the giant.

Full article at https://caitlinjohnstone.substack.com/p/real-democracy-means-democracy-of [EMPHASES added.]

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To tie all the banter about Trump’s effectiveness as a candidate-endorser to the subject of this BV and who won Election2022:

Can anybody name any operating element of America’s Ruling Political Class that wasn’t even better off under Trump than they already were under Obama, Cheney/Bush the Lesser, and Clinton?

How’d the MICC do under Trump? Or the Big Banking-Finance-Printing Press Web? Or the various and sundry American Cartels and Cabals like Big Oil, Big Agriculture, Big Infotainment/Media, Big Medical Care, Big Transport and Shipping, and so forth?

Of course, one can ask the same question about all those folks and Biden: Are any of them not even better off now than they were when Trump left the Oval Office?

But the question nobody is asking is: Is America ~ not the RPC but “the American People” it rules ~ is it better off now than it was when Trump was de-throned? And was it better off after four years of Trumpatismo than it was at the end of Obama’s reign?

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And here’s some more folks having second thoughts about The Donald:


NEW YORK (AP) — Former President Donald Trump has taken some hits in the aftermath of the midterm elections, but the unkindest cuts may have come from a source that was once among his biggest backers — the media empire of magnate Rupert Murdoch.

The New York Post’s front cover on Thursday put Trump’s face over the drawing of a boy from a well-known nursery rhyme. The headline: “TRUMPTY DUMPTY.” [ https://nypost.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2022/11/download.jpeg ]


The Wall Street Journal’s opinion section ran a sharp editorial headlined, “TRUMP IS THE REPUBLICAN PARTY’S BIGGEST LOSER.” While Fox News’ biggest stars were relatively quiet, the former president heard enough discouraging words to attack the network on social media.

Trump was blamed for supporting losing or underperforming candidates like Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania, Don Bolduc in New Hampshire and Blake Masters in Arizona that cost Republicans a chance to make big gains in the House and Senate, as many had predicted.

The Journal’s editorial mentioned each of those names and more, saying that TRUMP HAD “A PERFECT RECORD OF ELECTORAL DEFEAT” SINCE HIS VICTORY OVER HILLARY CLINTON IN THE 2016 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.

“Democrats succeeded again in making Trump a central campaign issue, and Mr. Trump helped them do it,” the Journal said.

Continued at https://apnews.com/article/mehmet-oz-donald-trump-bb9e93ccec3cac96f40105034d6705df [EMPHASES added.]

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This country is indeed crashing if our two candidates in 2024 are Biden and Trump.

Biden will be 82; Trump 78. But it's not their age but their lack of wisdom. Their lack of compassion and generosity. Their lack of empathy. And, to be frank, they're not the brightest bulbs, despite Trump's claim of being a "very stable genius." Their knowledge is narrow and their curiosity is limited, and neither to me is a true leader.

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Tell that to the Russian Soldiers who have been on Your "stable genius's" front lines in Ukraine.

And then tell that to the Russian Sons, Daughters, Wives, Mothers, and Fathers of those Russian Soldiers.

But compared to Trump, Putin is indeed at least stable and definitely a genius.

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Given Your vast knowledge and experience with things military, Dennis,

You tell me.

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There is no need to attack Trump ad hominically, Dennis.

Attacking him on the grounds of his actual performance as the President, and what he actually accomplished that was of any actual, real benefit to the People of the United Strates ~ as opposed to very real, actual benefit to his owners, operators, commanders, and controllers ~ eliminates any need to "attack the man."

And the only image of Your Man Donnie that lives rent-free in my head is him strutting around wrapped in a flag, carrying a Bible in front of that tear-gassed Church next to the White House, and proudly holding up the Exemption from The Draft that earned him the eternal monicker of "Corporal Bonespurs."

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If You have any doubts about what i think of the job Obama did or that Biden is doing, You obviously haven't paid much attention to any of my posts.

Do You somehow think that i think that Trump's owners...controllers are any different from Obama's and Biden's? Or Cheney/Bush the Lesser and Clinton's? If so, i know You haven't paid much attention.

Oh, and Melania is right there besides him in my rent-free space, in her camouflage cape and high heel combat boots gazing at him with worshipping eyes.

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You tell me, Dennis. You seem full of answers today.

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In his latest Contra Corner, THE RED DRIZZLE AND WHAT COMES NEXT, David Stockman wonders:

If the Republicans couldn’t capitalize on the nation’s current travails, we are hard pressed to imagine what might actually stir the vaunted Red Tide, which most definitely materialized as a mere drizzle on Tuesday. After all, at every kitchen table in America it was recognized that we have:

~ The worst inflation in four decades, with the cost of food, fuel and other necessities now rising at double-digit rates;

~ 19 straight months of declining real wages, meaning that the answer to Ronald Reagan’s famous “are you better off” question was a ringing, “no!”

~ An unprecedented Federal spending and borrowing spree that has taken the public debt to $31 trillion and 126% of GDP;

~ An out-of-control central bank that has printed $5 trillion out of thin air since March 2020 alone, thereby fostering rampant financial speculation and unspeakable windfalls to the rich, while crushing workers, savers, retirees and most other main street Americans;

~ An unhinged Green New Deal crusade against the lifeblood of prosperity—cheap and abundant fossil fuels—in the name of a Climate Crisis Hysteria that is utterly unwarranted;

~ A dictatorial Virus Patrol that unconstitutionally shutdown schools, businesses, churches, malls and countless other social venues based on junk science and a raw statist will-to power;

~ Yet another “forever war”, this time against Russia by proxy, that has caused global food, energy and other commodity prices to soar in the name of a Washington foreign policy adventure thousands of miles away that has nothing to do with America’s homeland security;

~ An outbreak of crime and lawlessness especially in the larger cities that is undoubtedly the worst since the 1960s;

~ And, not least, the least popular incumbent president since Harry Truman and actually, had there been polling in earlier times, since Herbert Hoover in November 1932.



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Stockman continued:

To be clear, we are not venting against the Donald’s attacks on the ruling elites of Washington, Wall Street, the mainstream media and the Fortune 100. Indeed, his one abiding virtue is that he had all the right enemies—the very people who’s policies and ideologies threaten the future of constitutional democracy and capitalist prosperity in America.


For want of doubt, compare the constant and inflation-adjusted dollar growth rate of Federal spending during his four years in the Oval Office with that of his recent predecessors. THE DONALD WAS IN A BIG SPENDING LEAGUE ALL OF HIS OWN.

At the end of the day, the historical litmus test of GOP policy was restraint on government spending growth, and therefore the relentless expansion of the Leviathan on the Potomac. But WHEN IT COMES TO THAT STANDARD, MAGA HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO OFFER.

Federal Spending: Constant 2021 Dollar Increase Per Year:

Trump, 2016-2020: +$366 billion per annum;

Obama, 2008-2016: +$86 billion per annum;

George Bush the Younger:+$136 billion per annum;

Bill Clinton, 1992-2000:+$34 billion per annum;

George Bush the Elder: +$97 billion per annum;

Ronald Reagan, 1980-1988: +$64 billion per annum;

Jimmy Carter, 1976-1980: +$62 billion per annum;

Federal Spending: Annual Real Growth Rate:

Trump, 2016-2020: 6.92%;

Obama, 2008-2016: 1.96%;

George Bush the Younger: 3.95%;

Bill Clinton, 1992-2000: 1.19%;

George Bush the Elder: 3.90%;

Ronald Reagan, 1980-1988: 3.15%;

Jimmy Carter, 1976-1980: 3.72%


Constant 2021 Dollar Additions To The Public Debt Per Annum:

Donald Trump: $2.043 trillion;

Barrack Obama: $1.061 trillion;

George W. Bush: $0.694 trillion;

Bill Clinton: $0.168 trillion;

George H. W. Bush: $0.609 trillion;

Ronald Reagan: $0.384 trillion;

Jimmy Carter: -$0.096 trillion.

Ultimately, excessive, relentless public borrowing is the poison that will kill capitalist prosperity and displace limited constitutional government with unchained statist encroachment on the liberties of the people. SO, AGAIN, WHO NEEDS MAGA?

In short, given the economic circumstances during his tenure and the unprecedented stimulus emanating from the Keynesian Fed, Donald Trump’s constant demands for still easier money made even Richard Nixon look like a paragon of sound money. THE TRUTH IS, NO US PRESIDENT HAS EVER BEEN AS RECKLESS ON MONETARY MATTERS AS DONALD TRUMP.


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Who are You quoting on that, Dennis? Or do You just know all that?

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So how about acknowledging those "multiple sources"?

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deletedNov 11, 2022·edited Nov 11, 2022
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No Dennis. Trump is not solely responsible for the financial and fiscal Goat Fucks that have unfolded during his reign and continue unabated during Biden's.

Everybody in Congress who authorized all that Debt Spending in both parties is equally responsible. Does that leave anybody on Capital Hill blameless?

All Trump [and everybody else in Swampland's] was doing was exactly what his and their owners and operators and commanders and controllers in America's Ruling Political Class were telling them to do.

Which is exactly what is going on today, and has been going on for a very long time. That's how America works.

And if Trump had interfered with or crossed Wall Street and the Banking-Finance-Printing Press Web, he would have been replaced as POTUS.

Just like every other President and Congressional leader in DC would have been for a very, very long time.

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Not any more. Not since he cranked up Contra Corner.

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This may be why some folks are re-thinking their Love Affair with The Donald… :


Trump issued primary endorsements to 39 candidates running in GENERAL ELECTIONS RATED AS COMPETITIVE by Cook Political Report — or, in the case of secretary of state races, Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball.

Nine of those candidates are running for governor, two for secretary of state, 11 for the US Senate and 17 for the US House.

Of those 37 Trump-endorsed candidates. 13 won, 10 lost, and 16 elections are still to be determined, as of Nov 9, 2022 at 7:55 EST

Office Won - Lost - TBD

US Senate 6 - 1 - 4

US House 5 - 5 - 7

Governor 2 - 4 - 3

Secy State 0 – 0 – 2

For details by State, see https://www.axios.com/2022/11/09/trump-endorsement-gop-midterm-elections

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You need to move beyond Trump as some kind of wise, skilled, and effective leader, Dennis. Would you want to work for the man? If you did, he'd probably refuse to pay you, or betray you, or insult you, or maybe all three.

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How would an endorsement from The Donald change these folks' status as "losers"?

Does a Loser endorsing a Loser make that latter Loser a Winner?

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Heh. Well, in case You hadn’t noticed, Dennis: This isn’t baseball.

And re those folks re-thinking their Love Affair with Corporal Bonespurs:

AFTER DISAPPOINTING GOP RESULTS, TRUMP URGED TO DELAY 2024 PRESIDENTIAL LAUNCH Washington (AP) — It was supposed to be a red wave that former President Donald Trump could triumphantly ride to the Republican nomination as he prepares to launch another White House run.

Instead, Tuesday night’s disappointing results for the GOP are raising new questions about Trump’s appeal and the future of a party that has fully embraced him, seemingly at its peril, while at the same time giving new momentum to his most potent potential rival.


JASON MILLER A SENIOR ADVISER TO TRUMP: TRUMP SHOULD WAIT FOR GEORGIA SENATE RUNOFF BEFORE MAKING 2024 ANNOUNCEMENT https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/3729184-jason-miller-trump-should-wait-for-georgia-senate-runoff-before-making-2024-announcement/

LESS THAN HALF OF REPUBLICAN VOTERS WOULD BACK TRUMP IN 2024 PRIMARY, POLL FINDS https://www.forbes.com/sites/alisondurkee/2022/11/10/less-than-half-of-republican-voters-would-back-trump-in-2024-primary-poll-finds/

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The biggest difference between Trump and Clinton is that he refuses to accept the fact that he lost in 2020; and is still doing it two years later and 60+ legal challenges that he also lost in court.

And how many Democratic voters would vote for Biden in 2024 primaries would probably depend almost entirely upon: 1] Who Biden was running against among Democrats; and 2] Who the Republican candidate is.

And my guess at this point is that neither Biden nor Trump will be a factor in 2024.

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That video is from 5 years ago.

Got anything more recent showing her still claiming that she didn't lose in 2016?

Also, how many lawsuits did she initiate? And how many Democrats running in 2018 claimed that the 2016 election was stolen; as compared to how many Republicans ran in 2022 claiming that 2020 was stolen?

And Trump may not be around either, Dennis. With absolutely no respect whatsoever for either the Corporal or the Comatose One.

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Dulce Et Decorum Est III & A Taste of Armageddon

(Or the Empire has no Clothes but a Disposition Matrix)

By michael hall

In due homage

to Horace, Owen & Mikhail

i humbly nod

for how sweet & glorious

it must be to kill or die

for god and country

the bold old lie

Per pompous duty


within ersatz honor

bubbling babbling bufoons

gushing drooling

patriotic plebian pride

so c'mon kiddies,

any up for good jingo sport?

who’s hungry & poor,

who wants to play

the hubris 'anything for profit'

killing game?

As newspapers rah rah

pied piper patriotism

with journalistic integrity

star spangled objectivity

ha ha!

as a new battle/fear lies

just around the corner

& armed forces day

just weeks away


rally loyal cuckold citizens

to whitewash warm innocuous blood

off disgraced musket & sullied polluted flag

strike up the marching band

manifest destiny parade

down main street usa


Awaken & open thine eyes

chauvinistic folk

come & see

xenophobic overseas deeds

of nefarious brutality

You’re culpable

for this macabre

tax-paid supported sadism

exported to hamlets & villages

in lands you couldn't find on a map

nor correctly pronounce

Assaulting families

who’ve never

did you any wrong

of clans you've never heard of

nor care less for

so step on up

one & all

Take a jaunt

to the overflowing morgues

filled with small smashed bodies

once bouncing blooming toddlers

brimming of laughter & life

Deeply inhale

the rancid stench

of scorched flesh

crispy burnt

to a black bubbly mass

by white phosphorus

Gaze into doll dead eyes

frozen forever

by shock & awe


via your God blessed

terror from above

Crumpled atop a cold gurney

a stiff finger of a tiny hand

amidst a mish-mosh of mangled flesh

jabs at you war supporters


as grief-stricken father’s


in shattered silence

sifting through ragged debris

devastating destruction


for lost sons

missing daughters


ripped wet mangled body parts

strewn out as pieces of a human jig-saw puzzle

taking home

the ear, the hand, the foot

to be quietly buried

while 6000 miles away

blue-blooded heroes giggle and snicker

toggle at a video screen

toe-tagging this crime against humanity



to the heart-piercing shrieks

as soul-torn asunder mothers

wail like howling wild animals

as they find their loves buried

broken bloody and mutilated

in the smoking rubble

of your glorious works

Then if you can

please explain

to the unresponsive moaning

neonatal orphan

why your armed forces

just murdered his parents

by accident

then wave a condolence payment

like juicy enticement in his face


as your special op-forces

silently quickly efficiently

dig out bullets

from innocent bodies

to cover their tracks

from being at the wrong address



a national holiday

murdered women at a bridal shower

proclaim holy day

4 kids droned to smithereens

while tending sheep

rejoice in festival

exported evil exploits

as great american victories

for which your war crimes always are

Trust flim-flam,

the PR propaganda spin

subjective corporate mass media

submit without question

leaders and church bosses

pay your taxes

which finances anglo-terrorism

illegal & immoral aggressive pandemonium

or listen to a blue rodeo

Raise your filthy faux flag

higher higher ever higher

to hover over the rising pile where the butchered lie


dear crass christian citizens

no civic rag

could ever soar over

the sick slaying of the innocent

accumulating abominations

flag-pledged atrocities

Appraise Fallujah

surrounded & caged

as the cowering cringing unarmed [natives] peasants

are shot, burned & barbequed

just slaughtered sitting ducks

in a ‘free-fire zone’ shooting gallery


upon your sanctimonious attack

at a school in Bajour

where 69 children are massacred by joystick

as you deceive yourself

into believing

it did not happen

white washing your hands

turning as you walk away

This is Sand Creek

Wounded Knee

My Lai


too many other schooled

contorted & distorted great triumphs

To whit

no doubt in my mind

the next war crime called

a ‘battle’

or a ‘humanitarian bombing’

will be fervidly anointed too

sanctioned of course

by church state and school

the cold falsity

ta ta.

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So Dennis: How'd Your prediction back on Nov 7 turn out?

"My prediction: Nationwide there is going to be a huge backlash of people voting (R), having had a guts full of a "do-thing" (D) Party who never even fought to raise the minimum wage. And more and more every day is the Party of stealing taxpayers money to piss away on a foreign "war" that does not affect them in WaKeeney, KS.

"People are tired of identity politics. People do not have the patience to wait another two years for a huge change in direction in both domestic and foreign policy. The (D)'s are going to run out of voters who care about which bathroom a Trans person can use.

"A conservative candidate, like Trump, who actually has the guts to stand for real issues (like dropping out of NATO) is going to be attractive to more and more."

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deletedNov 10, 2022·edited Nov 10, 2022
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Just wondering how they came out. "No worries," Old Man.

And can You cite what predictions i made here that haven't turned out to be correct?

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My “Bark, bark, bark, bark…” from the Musical CATS was my response to Your question “Am I barking up the wrong tree Bill?”

Consider it another way of saying what Bill said in response: “Yes, you are.”

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