Readers, one of the very best interviews I've ever listened to on the U.S. military-industrial complex and the corruption of U.S. militarism. Army Colonel Larry Wilkerson drops truth bombs here with utmost precision.


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For me, there are no words. The Israeli government tells the Gazans to evacuate to the south, and then they bomb the south. The evil is indescribable.

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It's a Biblical thing. Push the Palestinians into the Sinai Desert where they will wander around for 40 years and pass from this earth. All that's missing is manna, which of course they don't have because of the blockades and sanctions.

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"The power of AIPAC is reinforced here by the MICC, the military-industrial-congressional complex that Ike warned us about in 1961, which stands to profit immensely from more war in the Middle East as well as Ukraine. "

It is bad enough that we are allowing this slaughter, but the fact that Biden is paying for, and the MICC is profiting from this slaughter with my tax money, makes me want to revolt. I regret that I ever voted for this war criminal.

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The best historical comparison I can think of would be the Warsaw Ghetto established by the Nazis. An open-air prison on a much smaller scale than the Gaza Strip, but basically the same model. And in my mind, the October 7th events are akin to the 1943 Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, which ever since has been celebrated around the world as a brave and heroic act of resistance against the brutal and horrific conditions. Funny, isn't it, how one's act of resistance is another's act of terrorism.

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Senator Marco Rubio on Twitter this am


We must support Israel and its ability to defend itself.

My reply;

What Israel is doing in Gaza IS NOT Self-defence. It's MASS MURDER and Ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. How many all expenses paid trips to Israel did Israel and their US proxies provide you?

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It is time to label AIPAC for what it is--a fascist hate organization and those politicians beholding to them for what they are--war criminals and traitors of their oath to the constitution.

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Not one bomb would have been dropped if USA had not permitted it!

16000 dead 40%; children 99% of the rest non combatant Palestinians.

Per the Old Testament: "May they stand the judgement"

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Dec 6, 2023·edited Dec 6, 2023

I was an immediate Trekie convert when it 1st came out in the early 60s. It was so Civilized!

Captain Kirk coincidentally is from Montreal where I was born and had my Spiritual Awakening February 1, 1975.

The Israeli WAR of Gaza Ethnic Cleansing takes more of my thoughts and concern, going against the stream of Israeli WAR Propaganda our MSM Magnifies out of all proportion in a manufactured manipulation of the People's Emotions, if not Reason.

I couldn't remember the name of the episode, but my Google search terms from such a long forgotten memory were sufficient to bring me right to it.

"A Taste of Armageddon" is the twenty-third episode of the first season shown in 1967, the year of the Israeli 6 Day WAR and the Beginning of the OCCUPATION of Palestine.

Reading Israel is using AI to decide Hamas targets most probably summoned up the thought to revisit it?

Kirk and Spock must save their ship's crew when they are declared all killed in action in a bizarre computer-simulated war where the actual deaths must nevertheless occur.

On a mission to establish diplomatic relations at Star Cluster NGC321, Kirk and Spock beam down to planet Eminiar 7 to learn that its inhabitants have been at war with a neighboring planet for over 500 years.

They can find no damage nor evidence of destruction but soon learn that their war is essentially a war game, where each planet attacks the other in a computer simulation with the tabulated victims voluntarily surrendering themselves for execution after the fact. When the Enterprise becomes a victim in the computer simulation and ordered destroyed, Kirk decides it's time to show them exactly what war means.


All of Gaza is only 26 miles long, 13 miles for each side of the North-South dividing line.

Israel told the Palestinians to go South for Safety, so now there are about 1,700,000 People concentrated in that 13 mile area.

Israel is now telling them to move again for Safety but they can't return to the North side of the Strip where many have HOMES still standing.

Israel declared it a "Closed Military Zone" like they do in systematically in the OCCUPIED West Bank but inevitably, Jewish settlers move in.

That's how I see it, and it summons up angry thought like I very rarely experienced in my Life. I relate to this Old Testament record in my Bible printed in 1855 before Israel reappeared: Ah sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity, a seed of evildoers, children that are corrupters: they have forsaken the LORD, they have provoked the Holy One of Israel unto anger.


That dovetails with the New Testament record and the Revelation of Jesus Christ: And the nations were angry, and your wrath is come,..................

Revelation 11:18

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There is an article on a web site called Global Research titled " Ben Gurion Canal to replace Suez Canal" by Richard Medhurst. I have no idea who the author is because Global Research doesn't give out that info, though I looked for it. Some of their authors I know well and respect, so I'm sort of assuming this article has accurate research and from what I know of some of it, it seems to be. The article posits that the US, Israel and other western countries have been plotting for years to get control of oil routes - and a main reason for the Gaza slaughter is so that Israel can have full access to the large amount of oil found off the coast of Gaza. There's more and it's pretty dreadful, so I'll stop there, and ask if you, Bill, know anything about this, and what do you think? I'm also interested in your readers' opinion of this. If this is even moderately accurate, it seems to me that incomparable greed and heartless evil without parallel has overtaken the governments of the Western world led by the US (regardless of party) and leaves me feeling desolate and hopeless for my children and especially my grandchildren along with everyone else's across the planet.

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They're monsters alright.

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and for those war hawks: may you rot in hell

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I believe that many Jews after the holocaust, not just survivors, but Jews around the world including in the US, were subject to the ultimate PTSD that altered their outlook on the world and their fellow man. It was crystal clear that Jews had been marked for wholesale extermination, limited only by the fight against Nazism to spreading even further than it did. I know of one Jew in particular, now very elderly, who has a terrible case of misanthropy, can see no good in anyone, is the first to offer a harsh judgement on people that I know not to be what he sees in them. His entire family with the exception of his parents died in the holocaust and he is also a victim in a way that has him in a mental prison that has turned him against all but other Jews and even against them if they don't think, like he does, that the Palestinians are animals.

His example of this mega-PTSD has so warped the views of so many people that they cannot see themselves as anything but victims-in-waiting if not actual victims as was the case on Oct 7. In fact, for these people, Oct 7 was nothing but validation of their upside down view. The history of who did what and why amounts to nothing. Rational argument amounts to nothing. As Netanyahu has said "we will always live by the sword" never considering it is the sword that Israel wields that gives credence to his words. He repeatedly says "ask HAMAS" as he truly believes it is HAMAS that is responsible for all his killing of innocent people. His hand is forced, but it is a clean hand. Mega-PTSD.

Mega-PTSD fired up Zionism and drove the terrorism that was led by such as Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir who would both become Israeli Prime Ministers preceding Netanyahu (whose father was a rabid Zionist). Mega-PTSD drives the odd tunnel vision version of "never again" which means destroy before being destroyed (pre-emption) and the most perverted aspect of all which is that what one thinks is true, is true, and there can be no refutation of it by anyone, anyone who for the simple act of disputation is per se antisemitic. A Zionist cannot be questioned regarding any destruction or killing by Israel as it is, by definition if Israel is doing it, a necessity and only a pale shadow of what Jews suffered in the holocaust against which no tragedy, past, present or future is worthy of the name. Thus the slaughter without hesitation we are witnessing. Mega-PTSD.

Most Israelis suffer from this mental illness because of the holocaust though the problem is not limited to Israel. Israel promotes this mental illness, seeking to pass it on by sending public high school students to Auschwitz to be bathed in the horror and supplied with Israeli flags they are welcome to wrap around themselves as they contemplate what is clearly intended as a horror that is directed at them for which Israel is the one and only shelter.

This mental illness cannot be cured, short of some trauma that results in waking up, so the only hope of escape is the rise of new generations that can see clearly rather than down the dark holocaust tunnel with Israel a shining light at the end. Because of the indoctrination of Israeli youth, it is American Jews that offer real hope and that is evidenced by the outstanding actions of Jewish Voice for Peace, which I cannot praise too highly and with which I have been actively involved since before the turn of the century. These "kids" are inspired by their Judaism, using it as an escape from Zionism by which it has been hijacked.

If you hate what you see going on in Gaza, as I do, don't hesitate to not only give generously to JVP but to turn out for any event they sponsor near you. They welcome all, including Palestinians, Christians, atheists, you name it, because they understand so well the humanity we share and that they believe is not just valued but honored by their religion. They say "not in our name" and "never again for ANYONE!" from the heart and I say bless those hearts that have escaped the cruel grip of Zionism.

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It should already have been evident from the scale of death and destruction inflicted on Gaza over the past eight weeks that Israel was implementing a policy of ethnic cleansing and genocide against Palestinians in the besieged enclave.

Now Israeli whistleblowers have provided details of how these crimes against humanity are being carried out – and how they are being rationalised internally within Israel’s military and political echelons.

An extraordinary series of testimonies jointly published by the Israel-based publications 972 and Local Call last week established that the huge death toll of Palestinian civilians is, in fact, integral to Israel’s war aims, not an unfortunate side effect.

The known dead so far are estimated at almost 16,000, with a further 6,000 missing, presumably crushed under rubble. Two-thirds of those killed by Israel are women and children.

Two years ago, during an earlier attack on Gaza, Israeli military officials admitted for the first time that a computer was supplying them with potential targets. The intention appears to have been to bypass the restraints imposed by human assessments of likely casualties by outsourcing the killings to a machine.

The whistleblowers confirm that, given new, generous parameters of who and what can be attacked, the artificial intelligence system, called “Gospel”, is generating lists of targets so rapidly the military cannot keep up..............................................................................


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That's the bigger picture for sure. Endless wars lead to endless hell on earth

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"The VILEST Lies About Gaza Yet."

Honest, straight forward, fact-based journalism on alternative media.

Keep it up Owen my man! You are a warrior 👍💪


The level of disgusting Israeli evil is beyond normal human imagination.

Every accusation from Israel is a confession.

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