Wishing you a happy 2023, as well; and for the world, solid movement towards peace and harmony.

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Happy New Year to You and All Y'All's All, Bill and Everbody here at BV.

May this year be better for Everybody than last year was for Lots of People in this country and all over the Planet.

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ALL OF US are born into this Material World toothless, dependant & vulnerable, having to wear diapers.

We then grow children’s teeth, lose them, and acquire the Teeth that are the only ones we have until Old Age for those who make it.

The Reality of the Human Condition for the majority, not the minority that do reach Old Age ready to leave this World, is finding ourselves in the same condition as when we entered this world, toothless, dependant & vulnerable, having to wear diapers.

Caitlan Johnstone writes about the struggle in this World between having child’s teeth or speaking as an informed Adult with teeth at THIS TIME when Life and Death Decisions of WAR and PEACE, are in the hands of a very small minority among ALL the People in this World, and that small minority have ALREADY made the DECISION to ESCALATE to WAR, that will kill MILLIONS if not BILLIONS of the rest of us, “WE, THE PEOPLE!”

Most people never grow up. Not really.

Growing up means maturing. It means becoming independent. It means developing into your own person and standing on your own two feet.

Few people really do this. Because few people ever get around to extracting all the beliefs that were placed in their heads by other people.

Most people have similar beliefs to their parents about life, society, politics and religion. If it’s not their parents it’s other influential figures in their lives like friends, teachers, or the media pundits they follow. 

More significantly, most people hold a lot of beliefs about themselves and their place in the world that were put in their heads by people they care about. The average person goes from cradle to grave without ever seriously examining their beliefs about who they are, what they’re like, or any of the other ideas about themselves that get inserted into their minds by the verbal and nonverbal communications of the people around them.

For most people, a huge amount of their personality is pretty much locked into place in early childhood by the life experiences that they have with other people during that time. They’re still essentially who they were when they were kids, but we call them grown ups just because they’re a certain age and can have kids of their own.

Really growing up means doing the hard, earnest work of extracting all the bullshit that was placed in our minds over the course of our lives by people who were just as immature, traumatized and confused as us. It means really excavating our beliefs about ourselves, about life, and about our world, all the way down to the old subconscious beliefs that are buried so deep inside us that we don’t even normally notice them……..


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I'm often criticized as being "anti-west", but I am not anti-west, I am pro-west. I am so pro-west that I want our values of peace, freedom, democracy, truth and justice to be real life things that exist in actual western civilization and not just a fiction that is taught to western schoolchildren.

I am so pro-west that I want the west to embody the actual western values it pretends to embody. I am so pro-west that I support the practice of spreading western values to the west. I'm a western cultural imperialist, except I want to do western cultural imperialism to the west. I'm like a conquistador, a western colonialist setting sail to spread the wonders of western civilization to these godless western savages. Except instead of actually just bringing them murder, slavery, theft and disease I really am trying to bring them western civilization.

I am so pro-west that I want the western values that were sold to me as a child to be actual things that actually exist. And because I support western values much more than the actual west does, I get called "anti-west" and told to move to China. Shit, they should move to China.

A guy I follow on Twitter named David Gondek put it very nicely: "There is nothing wrong with western civilization that living up to its own professed principles wouldn't fix."

It's not "anti-west" to want the west to end warmongering, militarism, censorship, propaganda, government secrecy, oligarchy, injustice, oppression and exploitation, it is pro-west. THE "WESTERN VALUES" OF PEACE, JUSTICE, EQUALITY, DEMOCRACY, FREEDOM AND ACCOUNTABILITY THAT WE WERE TAUGHT IN SCHOOL ARE VERY GOOD THINGS. THE ONLY PROBLEM IS THAT THE WEST DOESN'T ACTUALLY VALUE THEM.

Continued at https://caitlinjohnstone.substack.com/p/i-support-western-values-more-than [EMPHASIS added.]

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WHO RULES AMERICA? is a six-part, two and one-half hour long documentary released in 2012 by Danny Schechter that presents the following Episodes:

~ 1. The Debate Over Power: Explores the complex nature of power in American society today.

~ 2. The History of Democracy in America: Turns back the clock to examine the evolution of democracy in the United States.

~ 3. The Corporate Takeover: Examines the relationship between powerful corporate entities and power in America.

~ 4. The Power of The Media: The media's role in the American power hierarchy is explored.

~ 5. Money Dominates Politics: The position of money in American politics is examined.

~ 6. The Power of Wall Street: A look at how Wall Street institutions factor into America's power structure.

Although ten years old, given what has happened over this past decade, WHO RULES is even more informative, ultra-relevant, and thought-provoking today than it was back when Obama was seeking his second term.

For an Executive Summary of the central messages of this documentary, watch the last six minutes beginning at 2:22:23. And then ask Yourself if anything has gotten any better at all over these past ten years.

Somebody needs to do an Update that brings the story current thru the Age of Trump, the COVID Event, January 6, Cold War II, and the kick off for Election2024 on January 3 up on Capitol Hill.

Available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dx2gycZSdB8 [Note: There are frequent, skippable ads.]

[Also note that Jesse Jackson, Jr’s comments in Episode 6 about his honesty and integrity turned out to be complete and total bullshit; but so it goes. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jesse_Jackson_Jr. for details.]

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Don’t think we need to jettison our emotional response unless that response is anger/hostility. Emotions are what separates us from robots.

Agree with the spirit of your article though.

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Happy 2023 to you. Thanks for all that you do with this. Even though I recently found your Substack,.It has helped me a lot with what I have gone through.

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b-21 test #1 May fly in spring 2023

>18 months late, may or may not be more late than f-35

happy new year

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