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"Are you listening, Democrats?" Well, that's an easy question to answer. They quit listening years ago. And their cohort of brainwashed are just apoplectic about CNN hosting a Trump town hall. It says how little confidence (or support) they actually have for "their" candidate when they tremble in fear from one televised town hall.

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The way you end a war is to get all parties to agree to a ceasefire and to come to the negotiating table... NOT!

NOT, at least in this case when talking about UKRAINE!

The way you get this WAR to END is to ADVOCATE for NEGOTIATION which we have not done since the start of this conflict. If we gradually quit supplying Ukraine with every damned means of death that they ask for and at the same time pressure Zelensky to NEGOTIATE; the war should end in short order. IT IS AS SIMPLE AS THAT!

There are way too many war profiteers in this country who want to see this crap going on forever. This includes the Pentagon and MANY politicians who are getting their "CUT".

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The way you end a war is to get all parties to agree to a ceasefire and to come to the negotiating table with the blessing of all the governments of the world, and to make an honest and determined effort to hammer out an equitable peace. It's been done that way for a while. Who wins? Everyone.

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Even if he is completely sincere he would never be able to end the war, the war party is too deeply entrenched for any mere President to change American policy, and significant change is never going to come from Washington. It will have to come from resistance from beyond the swamp. Legislation like Defend the Guard will be a stumbling block in the march to war.


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I don't think for a nanosecond that TFG actually meant what he said. His comment was a calculated cop-out to avoid coming down on either side. He probably doesn't even know (or care about) the details of what's going on in Ukraine. In the godawful event that he were re-elected, he'd do whatever the corporate war profiteers told him to do.

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ukraine 'winning' would destabilize the balance of terror forming ion the new cold war.

nato nuclear trip within 400 klicks of moscow puts the world back to 1985 when intermediate range nukes bristled all over europe!

the neocon world dominion dream has not been possible since the us wasted a couple of trillion in syraqistan.

i lost all interest in desantis when he backed down from an 'immediate peace is the only answer' to the new cold war.

trump did run the arm up to kiev while president. what did he think was going to happen?

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The problem is, by the time Trump might end up in position to do anything about it, Putin will already finish demilitarizing Ukraine by depopulating it to a point where no amount of money and military aid might help the West to re-establish its "anti-Russia" project.


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Trump's answer about stopping the killing went over the heads of US and NATO officials and their obedient WH spokespeople in the "press". They are so ensconced in their own tribal/team thinking that they can't even fathom what someone is saying when they urge an end to the killing on both sides. I should note it was the only sensible answer Trump gave, all his other answers were bonkers.

However, I do not see a stalemate on the horizon, I see a slow, calculated grind where the Ukrainian army is decimated over the next year or two, and the logistical nightmare of shipping armaments from NATO and the US become untenable over time, ensuring Ukraine's ultimate defeat on the battlefield. There will be no negotiations with the likes of the US, who has made it clear that they do not negotiate in good faith. Any "negotiations" would simply be another stall for time and resupply, and Russia knows this.

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Of course the Democrats are not listening, as almost all of them have joined the neocon cult of American Exceptionalism, a belief in the moral superiority of the USA and the indispensable role the US has in "spreading freedom and democracy" around the globe. These neocon fanatics are missionaries in all but name. So what if countries are destroyed and people die and suffer---it's all worth it, just as Madeline Albright boasted. Plus, the $$$ being made from forever and now eternal wars is simply too good to pass up. The words peace and diplomacy have been pretty much expunged. Anyone who dares to call for either is condemned and vilified as a Putin stooge. So, how did we get here? Harper's Magazine has an excellent article spelling out the history behind the tragedy in Ukraine. Unfortunately, the neocon fanatics in DC and NATO aren't interested in history or facts. Missionary zealots never are.


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To everybody who thinks that Putin is a “war criminal” for his activity in Ukraine: Look in the mirror, America. And remember that payback is a bitch… :


War’s destruction of economies, public services, and the environment leads to deaths that occur long after bombs drop and grow in scale over time, according to a new report from the Costs of War project at Brown University’s Watson Institute.

A review of the latest research examines the significant “causal pathways” that have led to an estimated 3.6-3.7 million indirect deaths in post-9/11 war zones. Factoring in Costs of War estimates of direct deaths of between 906,000 – 937,000 people brings the total of estimated deaths to at least 4.5-4.6 million and counting.

This research sheds new light on the devastating indirect toll of war on human health in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, Yemen, Libya and Somalia, countries which have experienced the most violent wars in which the U.S. has been involved in the name of counterterrorism since 2001. Many warring parties and many intensifying factors have contributed to these deaths and the report does not attribute direct responsibility to any single combatant, cause, or time period.

The report outlines the following "causal pathways" — an epidemiological term for a long chain of war’s health consequences:

~ Economic collapse, loss of livelihood and food insecurity;

~ Destruction of public services and health infrastructure;

~ Environmental contamination;

~ Reverberating trauma and violence; and

~ Forced displacement.

“In a place like Afghanistan, the pressing question is whether any death can today be considered unrelated to war,” says Stephanie Savell, Costs of War co-director and author of the report. “Wars often kill far more people indirectly than in direct combat, particularly young children.”

Full Report at https://watson.brown.edu/costsofwar/papers/2023/IndirectDeaths

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I saw the ad you co-signed in today’s New York Times. Well done!

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If America’s Ruling Political Class [RPC] had not wanted Trump in the Oval Office, he would have never gotten there.

It apparently thought that it could accomplish more with The Donald in the White House than with The Hillary; and its investment in him proved very fruitful.

Can anybody name even one element of America's corporatist NeoFascist Deep State ~ the military-industrial-congressional complex, the banking-finance-printing press web, the techno-infotainment-education matrix, the petro-food-pharmo and guns-drugs-prison cartels, the medical-legal-insurance-cabals, and the surveillance-secrecy-security panopticon ~ that was not better off after Trump’s reign than it was after Obama’s? Even one?

And then it determined that it could accomplish even more with Comatose Joe on the throne than with POTUS Maxximmuss XLV; particularly in the realm of taking the American People from mere disagreement and division to fragmentation on the verge of disintegration.

And once again, their investment was spot on. Again, can anybody name one element of that corporatist, NeoFascist Deep State that isn’t better off now with Biden than it was when Trump was replaced?

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That's why we like him. He has the guts to take on the vested interests. Taking on the Blob would be a gutsy move considering they helped bring him down in 2020.

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