Jesus Christ in a sidecar! Have they already gone through the last "aid package"?

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Jan 18, 2023·edited Jan 18, 2023

Most Christ America is complicit in it's silence that enables the US to become the BIGGEST MERCHANT of the Weapons of Death and Destruction in the History of Nations.

It's not Pro-Life but Pro-Death at the other end of the UN-born.

At the same Time they claim we have to do what Scriptures say but discount these Scriptures, so manifestly and blatantly abused in this Money loving serving World TODAY.

"This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel, saying: 'Not by military force and not by physical strength, but by My spirit,' says the Lord of Hosts."

Zechariah 4

This NT Scripture affirms and confirms the Spirit of that OT letter,

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the Children of God.

Matthew 5

Do you see Peace Makers in the MSM WAR Propaganda monopolized by advocates for more War and Weapons to Ukraine?

Do you see the Churches getting their Congregations into the Streets as the Peace Making Children of God the MSM WAR Propagandists don't promote?

I don't!

If we don't see that happening soon, THE END IS NEAR!

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man pads shot at internal affairs ministr helo and sold off very quickly run out of stock for the line of contact

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Terrific, Bill, especially the aces and eights!

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You’re telling it like it is, Bill. Keep it up!

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Produce increasingly destructive armaments at ever greater costs that don't satisfy the stated need?

Run "TheDayAfter" non-stop on PBS until the various sponsoring institutions & entities lose enough "redbacks"?

Bankrupt the public that sort of funds the effort, when the FED isn't devaluing the currency?

Rile the real progressives to partner with the hard-core Libertarians for an anti-war rally?

Wind up MadeaBenjamin and offer her a truckload of pink paint a week...for at least one year?

Leave "upper-deckers" or "little-wimpies" in every federal fudge station until the elected, appointed or employed only work over Zoom and open themselves up to the anarcho-hacktivists?

Take a child to a hand-jerking smile-fest and ask the lead clown which body part little Janie doesn't need, in the interest of freedom?

Start a new political party-the Death Party-and publish a roster with each Congressional warmonger's soulless grin?

Offer free press to the first thirty candidates who will stand in church on VeteransDay and yell "your children are food for my donors!" or simply "I am a bloody sock-puppet!"?

Mislabel Superglue as edible Astroglide and send a pallet to the Congressional gym?

Give free fentynal to the nannies, landscapers, massage therapists, et alia, with directions on how to make it into a sprayable liquid?

Let Americans & Americants alike opt out of the income tax, provided each taxable person watches 48hrs of TV without a break, alternating TriumphDesWillens and a major sporting event?

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And start referring to Blinken as BlinkeyOnAStick: as entertaining as PacMan but with half the intellectual necessity.

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I just received a letter back from my U.S. Senator in response to my expression of doubts about our Ukraine/Russia policy. He declared that "defending Ukraine is in America's interest". That's it. No discussion about the risks or the downside. Just the assertion. I'm thinking of the Biblical term "ex-nihilo". Out of nothing. Once a person has such an assertion in his head there is no discussion. Just more aid packages. Sigh.

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That's interesting. Perhaps you should ask your senator when Ukraine the 51st state.

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Jan 19, 2023Liked by Bill Astore

I do feel like I've been disenfranchised in favor of Ukraine. Zelensky gets anti-missile systems. I get form letters. Sigh.

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As noted earlier: It is not the intent of anybody in Washington to end this war. At least not until a bigger, badder, and thus better war comes along; like with China.

But that would be the National Security State's ultimate success: If they could transform Cold War II into a two-theatre operation without things going globally nuclear. And about then would be time for al-Qaeda or ISIS or their spawn to make a comeback, morphing it into a three-theatre show, including right here on the Home Front.

In any event, and not to be a smart ass, or anything, Bill, but the best way to end a War is to not start the bloody fricking thing in the first fracking place.

i'm wondering: Has any major war between major powers throughout all of human history Ever ended by negotiations? Or has every war ended with one side being decidedly and most definitely defeated militarily, and economically and financially broke?

The only exception to this i can think of is Korea.

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the winter bombing in 1972 got the negotiations going, so Hanoi held off until 1975.

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